Friday, January 18, 2008

Pu-erh tea: The new diet?

Pu-erh is an herbal tea that apparently helps reduce cholesterol and digest fatty foods. Victoria Beckham has recently admitted to using it as a secret to her slim figure. I read a review about the tea and I have to say that I am not completely convinced. See for yourself, but hey, if its good enough for Posh, it must work....right?!?


Jo said...
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Jo said...

I don't know about weight loss, but it sounds like there are a whole bunch of other benefits:
Chinese Health Foods

In terms of Chinese medicine, pu-erh tea is reputed to:

Help in the metabolism of alcohol
Help to control high blood pressure
Improve blood circulation
Help to lower cholesterol (particularly LDL or 'bad cholesterol') and clean the blood