Sunday, February 10, 2008

Location: Primrose Hill, London

I have to admit, I am one lucky girl to live in such a beautiful part of London. I thought I would share some photos with you that I took today. Mind you, its Feburary 10th, the sky is absolutely clear and sunny, and the temperature is very mild. This is all so unusual for this time of the year!

Lost In Beauty: New beauty boutique opening soon!

Studio 8

A lovely little flower shop


shanewei said...

i miss London

Chris said...

Great pictures. I'd love to see London. I still prefer New York even without seeing London! I just noticed your poll here!:)

Britt Marie said...

I am a New York girl at heart and will be moving back in less than one year. I know exactly what you mean and I prefer it as well! You really cannot compare the two cities. That is the question I get asked most, to compare them. You definitely should visit London though it really is beautiful :)