Friday, February 8, 2008

Marc Jacobs busted for bribery?

Designer Marc Jacobs is under criminal investigation for bribing the 69th Regiment Armory, a New York City landmark building. He apparently paid people off to gain access to the building for his fashion shows. Click here for the BBC article


Jean said...

So funny you posted this. I was at most of the Fashion Week shows last week, sometimes with my cousin who works as a designer at David Yurman. She went to the Marc Jacobs after-party and when I asked why he was doing it at the Armory and not the tents she replied "because he can and he's a snob" (she used to work there a few years back. And now this.

- Jean Voute Pratt
the style observer
Gift Girl

Chris said...

Well I guess that anybody at a certain point of their life "tips" people for having stuff done. Until you get caught that is, which eventually will happen if you keep it up...